Meet The dot



  • More investment in downtown Ferndale to help businesses grow

  • Design that welcomes visitors, guests, and friends to our city and our downtown

  • More parking for customers

  • Green building designs and landscaping installations, improving the look and walkability of the intersection

  • Designed to be a safe, quiet, non-obtrusive element in the West Troy/Allen neighborhood.

  • More residential and office space for daytime users in our downtown

  • Reuse of an existing site to create efficient space for future development

  • An identifiable space in downtown with a special events plaza


  • Meeting the parking supply needs for our downtown businesses

  • Minimizing business disruption during construction

  • Minimizing the impact of the parking deck height on residents

  • Creating a sense of place for the public

  • Providing a buffer for the residents adjacent to the parking lot

  • Creating a vibrant street, active with complementary retailers