Council Approves Site Selection for Prospective Downtown Parking Facility

At its Oct. 24 regular meeting, Ferndale City Council approved a site selection recommendation by the Downtown Parking Committee (DPC) for future development of a parking structure.

Early this year, City of Ferndale Mayor David Coulter and Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Chair and business owner Dean Bach convened the Downtown Parking Committee, a taskforce made up of Ferndale business leaders, organization leaders, and residents. The Committee’s mission was to evaluate the parking climate in downtown Ferndale and provide recommendations about prospective development options for addressing both current and future capacity demands on our parking system.

The Committee identified multiple downtown sites to consider for development and worked closely with City staff and professional consultants to research options and prioritize needs. Together, this group of citizens, staff, and advisors recently delivered a unanimous final recommendation of Lot 6, located at the intersection of W. Troy St. and Allen St., as the optimal site among those considered for future development of a mixed-use parking structure.

The Committee’s site selection recommendation was unanimously approved by City Council on Oct. 24. Next steps will begin with a robust public engagement phase, during which the community will be encouraged to take part and provide input to shape the scope and design of the prospective development. The City is mindful of the need for inclusive public feedback surrounding this project, and resident participation will be actively invited and welcomed.

To learn more about the project, view the City Council presentation or the Downtown Parking Committee’s official recommendation.

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If you have additional questions about the site selection recommendation, please contact Assistant City Manager Joseph Gacioch at