FAQ Friday: How is the City Affording this Project? Will We Involve a Partner?

If our bonding capacity is $15 million dollars, how are we affording this project? Why not involve a private partner to shoulder some of this debt, especially for the non-parking elements in the development, like the transfer floor, office space, residential and retail?

The City’s total capital improvement bond capacity in 2017 is estimated to be about $35 million. Major credit ratings agencies such as S&P and Moody’s encourage municipalities to keep a reserve amount in capacity. Taking into consideration the prescriptions of the credit rating agencies and updates from our bond attorneys, a fiscally responsible target for the W. Troy project was to cap the bond amount at $20 million. The other important factor in determining the amount of bond issuance is the cash flow generated by the parking system and potential mixed-use components. The impact of positive growth on the value of the City’s tax base has resulted in an increase of our project bonding capacity.

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